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InsuredPlay was the world's first insurance company for online poker

Software development for InsuredPlay began in January 2011 after the company raised a $500K seed fund. The service went live in April 2012.

The application did not offer the game itself and worked as an add-on to the existing online poker venues. Securing an online gaming license from CuraƧao, the company (Fortuna Online B.V.) accepted deposits only from players residing in countries where online gaming is legal.

Despite reaching a player base of over 10,000 players, the company had to close it's doors in August 2013 due to a number of technical and financial difficulties.

Players have been given a 45 day peroid before the company shut down to withdraw their balances. All balances on user accounts at the time have been fully paid before the company went offline in September 2013.

The founders can be reached at: